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Government of Nepal

Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Groundwater Resources Development Board


On-going Projects

On-going Groundwater Irrigation Projects & Program:

S.No. Program/Projects Project Period in Fiscal Year Irrigated Area (ha) Financial Source
Target Progress upto F.Y. 063/064
1 Community Groundwater Irrigation Sector Project (Shallow Tubewell Project in 12 Terai Districts, Jhapa to Chitwan F.Y. 054/055 to 064/065 60,000 37,685 GoN/ADB/CIDA
2 APP, Deep Tubewell Irrigation Project F.Y. 055/056 to 074/075 40,000 2476 GoN
3 APP, Shallow Tubewell Irrigation Project F.Y. 055/056 to 074/075 4,40,0000 18,225 GoN/GoI
4 Deep Tubewell Irrigation Project (Immediate Relief Package) F.Y. 061/062 to 064/065 880 (deep)
3000 (Shallow)
240 GoN
5 Groundwater Development Center (Investigation) Yearly basis -GW monitoring
-Impact studies of completed project
-Installation (Investigation Deep Tubewells)
-Cluster Identification of Irrigation Project
-Water quality includingArsenic Test
-Monitoring & Evaluation of Groundwater Irrigation Systems

* Total target includes other tubewell irrigation executing agencies.

** Progress of Department of Irrigation Only.